Some of the software that we have developed to aid our research.

Run Compare [link]


statistical_methodCOMPARE - analyzes interspecific data in an evolutionary context. It applies several Phylogenetic Comparative Methods (e.g., independent contrasts, spatial autocorrelation, phylogenetic GLS, phylogenetic mixed model), and can conduct phylogenetic randomization tests (i.e., to generate random phylogenies, branch lengths, or interspecific data on a phylogeny).

BeSt - analyses behavioral sequences. Starting with data scored during focal animal samples, BeSt calculates frequencies and durations of each behavior pattern, produces transition matrices (lag-one or greater), and uses these to estimate relevant information theory parameters.

SocANet - analyses social groups using network theory. Calculates various cohesion and centrality metrics. Allows a user to simulate social groups with variable conditions to see how much of difference in result is attributable to factors such as group size and number of observed interactions.

EthoBank - an on-line public repository for behavioral data, and its support infrastructure, EthoSource.

Tracker - a Windows95 program for tracking lizard head motions on a videotape