Current Personnel

Dr. Piyumika S. Suriyampola
Piyumika S. Suriyampola

Piyumika is an Assistant Research Scientist working on our zebrafish project. She is interested in understanding how small changes in the physical environment induce major shifts in behavioral strategies. She integrates field and lab experiments (primarily on fish), and places her work in the context of anthropogenic climate change.

Dr. Cristina Romero Díaz

Cristina is a postdoc working on the behavioral ecology of Sceloporus lizards. She combines lab and field experiments to ask questions related to the evolution of intra- and interspecific communication and signaling. She is also using transcriptome data to explore the genetic basis of sensory integration of visual and chemical signals.


Dr. Julio A. Rivera
Julio Rivera

Julio is a postdoc working on inferring evolution using phylogenetic comparative methods. He is using phylogenies, fossil, and climate data to reconstruct ancestral traits of complex phenotypes. He is also implementing and developing comparative methods to study the phenotypic evolution of Sceloporus lizards.


Dr. Monserrat Suárez-Rodríguez
Monserrat Suarez Rodriguez

Monse is a postdoc working on behavioral ecology of zebrafish. She is interested in exploring how the disturbance of natural systems, especially by human activities, affects the fitness and behavior of animals.

John Cavagnaro
John Cavagnaro

John is a Ph.D. student in the SOLS Biology program. He is interested in visual ecology and animal coloration, with research focusing on the evolution of visual signals in reptiles. His prior work on diurnal geckos utilized phylogenetics and visual modelling to understand the function and evolution of conspicuous coloration. He is currently studying the evolution of patterning in Sceloporus lizards using phylogenetic comparative methods.

Anastassia Erudaitius

Anastassia is a Ph.D. student in the SOLS Biology program. She is broadly interested in behavior and phenotype evolution and will be working with Sceloporus.

Jennifer Flores

Jennifer is a MS student in the SOLS Biology program. She is broadly interested in conservation and protection of wildlife. Currently, her work focuses on the habitat ecology and occupancy of Sceloporus species that inhabit the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Specifically, her goal is to identify which habitat characteristics predict their occupancy with the aim of providing pertinent information for land management and conservation efforts.

Melissa López
Melissa Lopez

Melissa is a MS student in the SOLS Biology program, working on our zebrafish project.