Current Personnel

Piyumika is a postdoc working on our zebrafish project. She is interested in understanding how small changes in the physical environment induce major shifts in behavioral strategies. Piyumika integrates field and lab experiments (primarily on fish), and places her work in the context of anthropogenic climate change.
Cristina is a postdoc working on the behavioral ecology of Sceloporus lizards. She combine labs and field experiments to ask questions related to the evolution of intra- and interspecific communication and signaling.
Dr. Julio A. Rivera Julio Rivera

Julio is a postdoc working on inferring evolution using phylogenetic comparative methods.  He is using phylogenies, fossil, and climate data to reconstruct ancestral traits of complex phenotypes.  He is also implementing and developing comparative methods to study the phenotypic evolution of Sceloporus lizards.

Dr. Tamal Roy
Tamal Roy
Tamal is a postdoc working on our zebrafish project. He is interested in looking at how individuals across natural populations of zebrafish differ in laterality and colour discrimination through performance tasks, and how these divergences are guided by various environmental factors.
Jesualdo A. Fuentes-G.Jesualdo A. Fuentes-G.Jesualdo is an Indiana University graduate student finishing his PhD on Phylogenetic Comparative Methods. He has been developing a phylogenetic ANCOVA, Bayesian extensions to account for phylogenetic uncertainty, and exploring ways to merge Phylogenetic Comparative Methods with Geometric Morphometrics.
Stephanie M. CamposStephanie M. CamposStephanie is an Indiana University graduate student. She uses Sceloporus lizards to ask how chemical signals used and specific elements within these signals impact territorial behavior, and vary with environment or signaler traits. To ask about evolutionary constraints on signal production, she combines field and lab techniques from behavioral, chemical, microbial ecology with phylogenetic comparative methods. Future projects will incorporate neuroethological approaches to investigate olfactory processing of social odors.

Heather RichHeather Rich

Heather is an ASU graduate student, co-advised by Dr. Mike Rosenberg. She is working on phylogeography questions associated with our Sceloporus lizard project.