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August 2019:

  • We celebrated the second edition of the Martins Lab Undergraduate Research Symposium, which highlighted the work of our undergraduate researchers during the summer.

July 2019:

  • More from the Martins Lab at Behavior 2019 (Chicago, IL), including a WFAB Workshop (Emília), a talk (Cristina) and a poster (Piyumika) on our favorite topics, the evolution of multimodal communication in Sceloporus and behavioral plasticity of Zebrafish.

June 2019:

  • The Martins Lab welcomes the Conference season with a Spotlight talk (Emília) and a non-Spotlight-yet-equally-compelling talk (Julio) at Evolution (Providence, RI)! Expect to hear about phylogenies, climate, geography and, of course, Sceloporus. The full conference program is available at their website.
  • Jesualdo (now at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa) shared his latest research with a popular audience (in Spanish). Check it out here:, and if you want to learn more, you might read his paper here: 10.1007/s00265-018-2614-3.

March 2019:

  • The Martins Lab is now officially a SafeZONE Ally, joining the efforts to create a more inclusive and accepting ASU.

February 2019:

 * Heather passed her comprehensive exam and will be graduating as a M. Sc. in the spring. Congratulations Heather!!

January 2019:

  • Cristina and Julio's co-authored paper, focusing on the evolution of color signaling traits in Sceloporus lizards, is finally out! You may find it here: 10.1111/jeb.13416
  • Emília will be organizing a professional development workshop for early-career professionals in animal behavior, "Weaving the Future of Animal Behavior", a project funded by NSF. There will be several iterations of this workshop at different scientific conferences between 2019 - 2021, including this year's Animal Behavior Society meeting in Chicago (Behavior 2019). Visit the ABS's website or sign up for their newsletter to find out about future dates and how to apply!
  • Tamal and Morgan presented posters at SICB's Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL, at the sensory biology and animal communication symposia, respectively.

December 2018:

* Emília will serve as SoLS Associate Director for Graduate Programs at ASU starting January 1, 2019.

November 2018:

  • Piyumika, Tamal and Melissa went to India and brought back wild zebrafish that they intend to breed. The Martins Lab uses zebrafish in studies of multisensory behavior and plasticity. Check our Research page for details.
  • Morgan Herrmann eloquently defended her undergraduate thesis: "The effects of chemical signal content in social communication of lizards". Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to Piyumika, whose most recent paper just came out in Animal Behaviour (see our Publications page).

October 2018:

  • Longtime collaborator Dr. Diana Hews, from Indiana State University, visits the new Martins Lab.

September 2018:

  • Heather shared her progress on her thesis project with peers at the Graduate Student Evolution Symposium.
  • Emília gave an overview of the lab's current research in a 'New Faculty Seminar' at The School of Life Sciences.
  • Dr. Michelle Lawing, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, visited the Martins Lab and gave a seminar on “Modeling species and community response to past climate change” at The School of Life Sciences.

August 2018:

  • Heather, Jesualdo and Cristina contributed posters to the II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in charming Montpellier. Fantastic job by the organizers hosting 2700 evolutionary biologists from 57 countries during 4 days.
  • Stephanie was at ISBE 2018 (International Behavioral Ecology Congress), Minneapolis, discussing social odors and compound abundance in Sceloporus lizards.
  • The Martins Lab held its first Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, where our undergrad researchers shared the results of the projects they've been working on during the summer.

July 2018:

* Dr. Stephanie M. Campos and Dr. Jesualdo Fuentes-G. both successfully defended their PhDs!!! Stephanie is moving on to a postdoc at Georgia State University with Walt Wilczynski, and Jesualdo is doing a postdoc with Jason Pienaar at the University of Alabama.

May 2018:

  • Julio and Heather headed down to Tucson to attend the Madrean Conference 2018, where they presented posters on the biogeographic history, sympatry and trait divergence of the genus Sceloporus.
  • Melissa Lopez joins the Martins Lab. Welcome!

April 2018:

  • Dr. Nishad Jayasundara, from the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine visits the Martins Lab!
  • Stephanie shared some of the lab's early findings on the impact of relative abundance of compounds in Sceloporus chemical signals during the annual Animal Behavior Conference at the Center for Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (IU, Bloomington).
  • Undergraduate student Morgan Herrmann presented her first-ever research poster on Sceloporus jarrovii chemosensory behavior at the 25th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by The School of Life Sciences at ASU. Well done!

February 2018:

  • Cristina and Julio had the pleasure to be invited speakers at the Tucson Herpetological Society, where they shared details about the lab's current and future projects with Sceloporus lizards. The title of their talk: "A comparative look at the genus Sceloporus: The evolution of communication and biogeography".
  • The Martins Lab participated in their first ASU Open Door, an outreach event aiming to bring research closer to the community, with hands-on activities on sensory perception ("Battle of the sensory systems") and evolution ("Hide to survive: How predators shape lizard coloration").

January 2018:

  • Piyumika and Stephanie represented the Martins Lab at the Society of Integrative & Comparative Biology (SICB) meeting in San Francisco, presenting their work on zebrafish (Danio rerio) sensory behavior and sociality, and phylogenetic relationships of chemical signal composition in Sceloporus lizards, respectively.

August 2017:

* We're in Arizona now!

July 2017:

  • Dr. Delawrence J. Sykes successfully defended his PhD and will be moving to a postdoc in the University of Michigan IRACDA program!
  • Johanel Cáceres successfully defended her MS and will be moving on to a PhD program at Penn State!